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Community Gathering

We will announce the next assembly of the Arya Samaj in California Bay Area. We hope you can join us. Read More »

Service Schedules

Schedules for religious services will be posted regularly on our website. Please visit us online from time to time to stay up to date. Read More »


As one community, we pray that we are able to uphold noble and benevolent qualities so that we may set an example for others to follow. Towards a harmonious world and for peace!

The Arya Samaj in California Bay Area is an organization that promotes the practice of Vedas. We shall read, recite, teach and be guided by the all true knowledge. It is our prime goal as one community to practice our faith and be stewards of peace, ambassadors of spirituality and protectors of truth.

Service Schedules

We encourage you to know more about the Arya Samaj in California Bay Area. Please take note of these service schedules:

  • 1st sunday of every month,
    10am-12:00pm at FIJI SWEETS
    26661 Mission Blvd., Hayward, CA 94544


In the very near future, the Arya Samaj in California Bay Area will be making announcements for classes and assemblies. You are invited to take part in our gatherings soon.


Services Offered:

  • Prayer Services, Puja, and Havan-Yaj.
  • Wedding Ceremony Services
  • Funeral Services


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